Zika virus in Tonga

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The Kingdom of Tonga has confirmed the Zika virus epidemic in the country. As of 20 February 2016, Tonga has confirmed Zika virus in seven patients and more than 500 others are suspected of having it.


On February 5, Tonga Health Minister Dr. Saia Piukala announced that Tonga has the Zika virus epidemic. Five confirmed cases of Zika virus was reported. This is the first Zika outbreak in the island. Tonga is waiting the test results of more patients from overseas. Tonga health minister said that many people aren't being tested because of the cost, but are diagnosed anyway because of the symptoms. No Zika virus cases in pregnant women were reported yet. Out of the five confirmed cases, three cases were detected in New Zealand when they traveled to Tonga.

On 20 February 2016, Taiwan has raised travel alert for Tonga to yellow, the second lowest on its four-color system. Health Ministry of Taiwan asked its citizens to think twice before visiting Tonga and to take adequate precautions if a visit is necessary.


  • 5 February 2016: 5 confirmed Zika cases, 265 suspected cases
  • 20 February 2016: 7 confirmed cases, more than 500 suspected cases