Zika virus in Yap

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Yap or Wa′ab is a tiny island in the Western Pacific. Yap is nearby to the Micronesia islands and 800 miles east to Philippines.

The outbreak of Zika Virus is first detected in Yap in 2007. Doctors saw an alarming rise in patients showing symptoms of rashes, inflamed eyes and joint pain. Initial tests could not determine the cause of these symptoms. The blood samples of the patients were sent to to the CDC lab in Fort Collins, Colorado. The doctors confirmed what would be the first Zika virus outbreak in recent times. Nearly 50 people were infected with Zika virus.

Epidemiologists took notice of the Zika Virus in 2007, when Zika reached Yap. It is believed that the Zika virus infected nearly 75% of the population which made it an epidemic material.